Monday, March 26, 2012

A big career boom in Clinical Research Industry in India

In the recent economic scenario India is becoming the hub of clinical trials. The clinical trials market worldwide is worth over $60 billion and currently 2,50,000 positions in clinical research are said to be available worldwide; with 50,000 job openings in India. Many students, therefore, look to study Clinical research.

Clinical Research is a systematic study for new drugs in human subjects to generate data for discovering or verifying the Clinical, Pharmacological (including pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic) or adverse effects with the objective of determining safety and efficacy of the new drug. Clinical research is a branch of medical science that determinesthe safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of a disease. The term clinical research refers to the entire biography of a drug from its discovery in the lab to its introduction to the consumer
market and beyond.

A number of factors favor India as a clinical research hub. Firstly, there are numerous government-funded medical and pharmaceutical institutions with state-of-the-art facilities, which can serve as ideal centers for multi-centered clinical trials. Secondly, India boasts of well-trained and qualified manpower, well versed in English. The research and the development process in India can be done at a more affordable price. More importantly, there is vast clinical material, which can be utilized, due to the prevalence of a large variety of diseases, including widespread cases of cancer and diabetes, India is viewed the world over as the ideal location for clinical research trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

To counter this increasing demand of clinical research professionals in the industry, we require more institutes for clinical research. Institutes like Apheta Institute of Clinical research, are catering to this demand of trained professionals in collaboration with Texila American University, Guyana.

Apheta have presence in Delhi and Allahabad as of now and would be opening centers in other major cities in India by next year.  

Apheta Institute of ClinicalResearch provides an independent global framework for international education, training and exchange of information for Clinical Research professionals and to cultivate professional excellence in design and execution of clinical research, thereby contributing to enhancing the Clinical Research culture in India.

We work with an objective of being recognized as a centre of excellence and become a pioneering institution in promoting ethical Clinical Research in the country.  We also instigate Clinical Research methodologies and galvanize PhD program in Clinical Research and fill the void created due to lack of skilled manpower in Clinical Research industry by imparting innovative and intellectually challenging education. As a result of which Apheta is able to place students in reputed clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies with synthesize of the highest academic standards relevant to the needs to present industry scenario.

The courses offered by the Apheta Institute of clinical research can be done after graduation or post graduation in life science / Pharma / medicine / Nursing / biotech / microbiology / biochemistry.  After this course students an opportunity to look forward to a bright career in pharmaceutical companies, CRO, SMO, Data management, Pharmacovigilance and Medical writing companies at a position such as Clinical Research Associate, Clinical research coordinator, data manager, project manager, business development manager, clinical trial administrator, clinical trial specialist, Medical writer, Regulatory Affair Manager, Medical Monitor. The annual salaries range in this field from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 6 lakh plus.

However, the need for well-trained, skilled manpower to feed the need in the market today is important. Interaction between employers and college, university educators is critical to coordinate appropriate preparation of students for the clinical research workforce and the integration of technological developments. The advances in clinical research that are generated in industry must be transferred effectively to college and university classrooms, and faculty and student skill development must keep pace for appropriate workforce preparation to occur. Exploring and perhaps, improving the industry-academia connection in workforce and education may lead to developing and implementing more successful strategies for developing high-quality, industry-relevant human resource pool. 

“Public-private partnerships should be pursued more vigorously if the benefits of the clinical research sector in India are to reach and benefit the global clinical research market. Indian companies are playing an important role in early drug discovery processes due to their substantial experience in the field of generic drugs with India becoming an established venue for drug discovery developments rather than China. 


  1. As well known demand for clinical research specialists got raised in all countries due to the growth of Pharmaceutical industries and Patient Population. Scale pay for those healthcare professionals is also good as the efficiency is needed to save the human mankind.

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  2. The big career boom in Clinical Research Courses in India has let the stunning growth of Clinical Research centers.