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PhD in Clinical Research From Texila American University

PhD in Clinical Research

Overview of Ph.D. program:

TAU is committed to promote academic and research activities In basic and applied aspects of medical and related health sciences. Clinical research is now recognized as critical to advancement of Medical science and public health. Conducting Clinical research and trials is a complex and resource intensive endeavor and involves a multitude of disciplines, processes, actors and informational resources. There is an ample need of highly competent and resourceful manpower to meet the most demanding expertise to tackle and analyze and present the results of studies in a meaningful and acceptable manner to the scientific community in particular and to the public at large. Hence Recognizing this issue, TAU has launched Programs in Clinical Research at Doctoral (Ph.D.) level to help meet the increasing need of the talent pool of qualified individuals available to the sector.

Objectives & Advantage:
TAU has designed the Ph.D. program in Clinical Research to train and provide highly competent and resourceful manpower to the field with special emphasis on the conduct of Clinical trials in a scientific and ethical environment.
A special feature of the program is the training of the students simultaneously in both the didactic course work and Practical research.
The course is offered on a Part time and Online basis in order to give opportunity to a large number of aspirants across the country and abroad.


1. Attested copies of Certificates and Transcripts from high School to the last highest qualification in duplicate.
2. Record of any previous research experience.
3. Personal statement or Statement of Purpose , giving details of how the program of study will help in enhancing their ability and reach career goals and finally contribute to the betterment of medical and a health care systems.
4. Letters of Recommendation from the Head of the Department or Research guide and two faculty members from the last college / center of study.


Your Guide is likely to be the single most significant individual in influencing the success of your PhD. Choosing your supervisor, understanding their roles – including those that are nothing to do with supervising you – and understanding their advice will be crucial to a smooth, successful PhD experience.

Co-Guide will be appointed by TAU and acts as a bridge between a student, his guide and the University. Co- Guide will monitor the student’s progress, evaluate and assist the student during his study period.

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  1. Clinical Research may be taken for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of any disease.

  2. hello,
    kindly help me in this.iam a post graduate in medical anatomy working in medical college in india.does phd in clinical research from TAU is recognised by MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA.

  3. These clinical trials determine risks, side effects, benefits and effectiveness of medical products before their public release. Clinical research associates must have specialized training and skills to oversee this research.

    Clinical trial recruitment strategies